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Lincs Carpet Cleaning Dirty Water

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year  to everyone from Lincs Carpet Cleaning

I realise we are a bit late and January 2018 is nearly over so please accept my apologies but Lincs Carpet Cleaning has had a very busy December and January.

I can not complain as its always good to have lots of jobs and lots of happy customers.

In December we were called to a property after a call from an unsatisfied Landlord after the tenants got the carpets cleaned at the end of their tenancy. They had used another cleaning company from Lincoln to clean the carpets at a property in Highfield Avenue. They’re prices were unbelievably cheap, but unfortunately for them the cheaper the company it is likely the standard wont be as good. This Ltd company apparently flew round the property in Highfield Avenue in Lincoln and barely cleaned the carpets at all. The grill pan wasn’t cleaned in the oven and the handle had mysteriously disappeared.

The landlord added that the carpets had been left “soaking wet” this most likely meant that no extraction process had taken place. To leave the carpets this wet and soggy had left an awful damp smell and meant that the dirt in the carpet had just been washed around and not successfully removed.

Lincs Carpet Cleaning cleaned the carpets and we even took a picture of the disposal of the waste water so people could see that this company had left a lot of dirt in the carpets. Please people remember if its really cheap the service may not be that good. I love to be savvy with money like the next person and I do love a certain money saving website 🙂 but if it seems to good / cheap to be true then it probably is.

I hate to see people out of pocket and I just hope that these ex-tenants take the matter further, as that’s no way to do good business and the other company should be ashamed of themselves.





Carpet Cleaning in Lincoln, Carpet Care Lincs Area

04th April 2017

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Lincoln, bringing carpet care to your home in the Lincs area.

Please see a few pictures from a carpet cleaning in Lincoln, Lincs carpet cleaning gives carpet care when cleaning your carpets.

Our process of carpet cleaning at Lincs Carpet Cleaning involves careful inspection and testing of your carpets. This makes sure any chemicals we use will not cause damage to your carpets. We then do a thorough vacuum to remove any loose dirt and particles from the carpet. If there are particular stains we will perform professional stain treatment, we have all different solutions for all types of stains from coffee to blood. Next stage is a pre treatment for deep cleaning. This is important and it really helps to remove the soil in high traffic areas. Just look at the pictures below showing the bedroom doorway that has a lot of soiled carpet.

Its important to agitate the pre treatment and make sure it gets in between the carpet pile. Once this has been done Lincs Carpet Cleaning use a hot water extraction machine which has a very powerful pump and vacuum. As the more water we can get into the carpet and extract the better the carpet clean will be. In high foot traffic areas the extraction process is repeated until the best results are achieved. At this carpet clean in Lincoln, the results looked really good and can be seen below.


Our prices are available online and you can book a time and date to suit you and pay online. You don’t even need to speak to us its that easy. Lincs Carpet cleaning realize a lot of people are very busy and work Monday to Friday, so to make things easier, we work evening and weekends to work around peoples busy lives. Just give us a call on 01522 320076 to book an evening or weekend

Carpet Care by Lincs Carpet Cleaning

Lincs Carpet Cleaning

Lincs Carpet Cleaning Care

Lincs Carpet Cleaning Care

Carpet Cleaning in Lincoln

Carpet Cleaning in Lincoln

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln