Cleaning Services

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

We Clean domestic and commercial premises and always provide a high standard of cleaning. Carpets will usually take 2- 4 hours to dry, most carpets are dry enough to walk on with indoor shoes as soon as we have finished cleaning. We will also provide (free of charge) some shoe covers, this is because it is not a good idea to walk on a damp carpet with shoes that have just been outside, as the cleaning solution may well clean the dirt off your shoes onto the clean carpet.

We will always try to move furniture where we can, but please remove any loose artifacts that may be on top of the furniture. Please note we cannot always move all types of furniture due to Health and safety reasons.

Premiere 5 Step Carpet Service

Our Premier 5 Step Carpet Service includes:

  • Careful inspection and testing.
  • Thorough vacuuming.
  • Professional stain treatment (if required).
  • Pre-treatment for deep cleaning
  • Water extraction cleaning using powerful Prochem Cleaners and solutions.


Various stains can be removed from carpets, please contact us for more information regarding a specific type of stain and the service we offer. Whilst the majority of the time the stain can be fully removed, please note that not all stains can be removed.

Builders Clean

Building works will create much dust and dirt, this can get  worked into carpets easily. We can remove this stubborn dust and dirt with our premier carpet cleaning service.

Potty Training

Yes we have all been there, our little loved ones often have a few accidents when going through this, we can clean stains and smells out of your carpets and leave them hygienically clean and smelling fresh for you children to play safely on once again.

End of Tenancy Clean

Lots of Tenancy Agreements state you must get your carpets profesionally cleaned at the end of your Tenancy. We can provide this professional service and give you a certificate to present to your landlord or agent to release your deposit.

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